Celebrating Over 100 Years of New England Tradition

As some may already know, this year Boone's is celebrating it's 120th anniversary! Originally opened by Alexander Boone in 1898 we are honored to continue serving you the best seafood Maine has to offer over a hundred years later. 

While a lot has changed in 120 years, our baked stuffed lobster is tried and true. Alexander Boone is credited to be the genius behind this New England tradition, the inventor of the baked stuffed lobster. Since Boone invented this dare-we-say greatest meal of all time, many other restaurants caught on to the appeal of taking something awesome and stuffing it with some more awesome!

The Boston Globe  recently featured an article about the baked stuffed lobster and highlighted a few of the best places in New England to indulge including here at Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room.